Storing fruits and vegetables

Storing fruits and vegetables is one of the biggest problem I had. As a busy mom, I usually buy fruits and vegetables once in a week. But after a few days, these veggies and fruits are already a waste of money. When the time that I want to cook them it's already rotten. How sad... and I end up cooking nothing but meat :(

So I came to research what are the best way to store fruits and veggies that could last longer. One golden rule is never store fruits and vegetable together. The acidity of the fruit makes the veggies rot faster.

Apple - Store them in the coolest part of the fridge.Celery, carrots, and cabbage - pack them in plastic, some use foil but you have to consume it as soon as possible. And with carrots some cut the leafy part of it, cause that's the part that rot fast.  I tried cutting the carrots in cubes and putting them in the freezer, that should work for a week.Eggplant - Usually I put them inside the fridge, but not now. You have to store eggplant in the coolest …

Send money online to anyone from your mobile

Online money transfer has never been this easy, few years back. Now we can easily transfer money online with a few touch from a mobile phone. Here are the common way of transferring money especially in case of emergency.
Smart Money Padala - You can find this anywhere, even small store are offering remittance and money transfer. You can also have your own card by registering at Smart, they will give you a Smar Money card as long as you have a Smart Mobile number. Usually they can provide you a maximum of three cards per account.  There is a transfer fee, minimum of Php5.00 (as of writing).Globe GCASH - Transferring from GCASH to GCASH is free. If you are a Globe user, you can open an account with GLOBE. You have to pay P150 (at the time of this writing) to get the card right away. Easy right. - is also a mobile app, where they offer Bitcoin to Peso conversion, and vice versa. You can send and received money, but would take a while in some third party vendor cause they…

Bitcoin in the Philippines -

Bitcoin in the Philippines is not yet being accepted as a regulated online currency. Although there are a lot of people who are very interested to know how this currency really works. I've encountered people who are already trading bitcoin in some social media forums like in facebook. Most of them are investing in this unregulated currency. Risky as it may sound but who knows how much you can earn. As they say any form investment has an accompanied risk.

In the Philippines, to make thing hassle free for bitcoin conversion is offering bitcoin to peso conversion and vice versa. have buy and sell just like in any money changing outlet. Of course selling price is always low and buying means higher price for bitcoin. As per observation of the bitcoin trend, I observed that it started from around Php9000.00 and it's consistently going up, as of writing this article, it is now roughly around Php30,000. Although there are some website showing the trend like in coinde…

The Financial Advisor

Every financial advisor has her struggle and that includes being the "Invisible man" and "Seen mode friend". Almost all financial advisor I think could relate to this, specially those who do their communication on facebook or maybe in other social media. Most of the time, we would message someone and yet as if typing "no" or "not interested" would take an hour of their time. We know that these people are busy, and yet we feel that if we talk to someone and we don't get direct answers, as if there's no closure at all. But yeah that's life, and that's reality and reality bites!

And oh, should I also mention that includes text messages as well (wink*). This is not new, sometimes you may loose majority of your so called online friends because of this. Funny but true, might frustrate us a bit, but we have to move on from client to client. 

Client might not realize their needs for insurance or investment at their current state in li…

Watch Out For These 5 Budget Killers

Most Filipinos have days when they just exclaim, “Hindi ko alam kung san na napunta ang pera ko.” (I don’t know where my money went.)

Most of Filipinos are used to saving and budgeting for the big purchases so that they can afford it. Some do not track their budgets and wonder where these “mystery spending” are coming from, as stated by 21% of the survey respondents of “Enhancing Financial Capability and Inclusion in the Philippines - A Demand-side Assessment” by the World Bank in partnership with the Central Bank of the Philippines. They wonder where their money went because of unnecessary expenses which are untracked.

Here’s a look at five of those seemingly small expenses that can ruin your budget.

Additional Charges Dues to Late Payments

Interest rates of credit cards may seem low at 1.99% - 2.99% but if you compute it, here are some computations of amounts of interest:

Interest rates on credit cards

Php3,588.00 and Php7,176.00 are both significant amounts that one can add to his s…

Takoyaki Cravings!

I would never have thought that I would love Japanese food since I'm not a fan of sushi and things like that. Takoyaki, one of the street food from Japan is simply the best. Wether if it's from Hokkaido fast food or the one from  MRT stand takoyaki, it doesn't matter. The taste varies a bit depending on what's inside and of course the toppings ;) But nevertheless I love it!

You can buy it by 6, 9 and a dozen in Hokkaido Takoyaki Branches. I can't wait to go back to Hokkaido Takoyaki at SM. Yum Yum....

Life simple joys...

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe

Dessert! Yes, definitely to relieve everyday stress. If you are looking for not so sweet after lunch food, this is your chance to try the Korean Dessert in Ho Bing. Ho Bing called it Bingsu.

Ho Bings' Bingsu is very affordable.
Available in Regular (good for two person) and Large (good for up to 4 person).

But I guess one person can savor their regular size and would ask for more. I'm guessing that the fine ice at the bottom is composed of frozen milk ;) Bingsu is generously served.

Their Bingsu came in variety, you can look here for the available flavors. Their Mango Cheese Bingsu is one of the best seller and must try.

You can find them in:

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe 
Bonifacio Global City BGC Stopover Pavillion, Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Happy tummy! Enjoy.