Grab Car booming business in the Philippines

Grab Car Peer orientation was held yesterday at Rufino Pacific Tower on the 38th floor in Makati. I was given the opportunity to attend one of their sessions. Grab Car was the word of mouth now a days since a lot of people say that you can earn more compared to taxi especially if you own the car.

As per session Grab car was accredited by LTFRB, since there are lot of news concerning franchise fee that LTFRB would like to implement in this booking app. But as per session yesterday there are NO agreement yet with LTFRB (Land Transportation and Franchising and Regulatory Board) that the members are required to have a franchise fee. This was said as per session yesterday (August 14, 2015).

Grab Car was an added service to originally Grab Taxi. This is their new additional service that's been going roughly seven months as of to date. Since this is a new service there are actually a lot of people who are interested to join.

Grab Car are giving incentives on top of the original fare that will be paid by the customer. As per session yesterday you have to at least make 30 trips at peak hour to qualify and there is certain amount of money that will be given to each trip. Initially they are paying 180 pesos per trip. As they said this is just an incentive so that means it can be changed anytime. Incentive varies on the number of trip per week. The more trips you have the more incentives you get on top of the fare. Isn't this amazing? We'll I guess they are doing this to get more registrant car owner. Who knows after a year incentives might be removed...

Grab car have a list of sedans and premium cars that can be accredited and get approved to be able to be a Grab Peer. One on their list is Toyota WIGO. Check out their site for the complete list of cars.

Grab Peer is like being a taxi operator the only difference is that you are using private cars instead of taxis plus for now no franchising fee :) Isn't this a great news! Especially if you want to do it part time.

For Grab Car information you can visit their site:Grab Car and see the details. You may also apply online!