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Why many chose Variable Insurance rather than saving in a bank?

A couple of years back, we are being familiar with traditional life insurance but since a lot of people now is looking for investment, ...

Send money online to anyone from your mobile

Online money transfer has never been this easy, few years back. Now we can easily transfer money online with a few touch from a mobile phone. Here are the common way of transferring money especially in case of emergency.
  • Smart Money Padala - You can find this anywhere, even small store are offering remittance and money transfer. You can also have your own card by registering at Smart, they will give you a Smar Money card as long as you have a Smart Mobile number. Usually they can provide you a maximum of three cards per account.  There is a transfer fee, minimum of Php5.00 (as of writing).
  • Globe GCASH - Transferring from GCASH to GCASH is free. If you are a Globe user, you can open an account with GLOBE. You have to pay P150 (at the time of this writing) to get the card right away. Easy right.
  • Coins.ph - Coins.ph is also a mobile app, where they offer Bitcoin to Peso conversion, and vice versa. You can send and received money, but would take a while in some third party vendor cause they have a cut off time.You can deposit money tru accredited remittance center 7-11 or by online banking like BPI. Here are the benefits of coins.ph
  1. Free person-to-person transfers and convenient cash-outs at any bank or Padala center.
  2. 5% rebate every time you load any prepaid phone.
  3. Pay 50+ billers in one place - with a P5 cashback every time you pay a bill, and P100 for every 5 bill payments you make in one week.
  •   Security Bank - You can send eCash to anyone. You can send money even if the recipient doesn't have a security acoount. Cool right. Here's the link
In today's generation sending money is just in your fingertip. But be mindful also about precautions of sending money online, once it is sent it will  be hard to get it back, especially if the confirmation number landed in the wrong hand.

Hope this helps especially to those people who might be doing an emergency money transfer.

Bitcoin in the Philippines - Coins.ph

Bitcoin in the Philippines is not yet being accepted as a regulated online currency. Although there are a lot of people who are very interested to know how this currency really works. I've encountered people who are already trading bitcoin in some social media forums like in facebook. Most of them are investing in this unregulated currency. Risky as it may sound but who knows how much you can earn. As they say any form investment has an accompanied risk.

Credits to coindesk.com

In the Philippines, to make thing hassle free for bitcoin conversion coins.ph is offering bitcoin to peso conversion and vice versa. Coins.ph have buy and sell just like in any money changing outlet. Of course selling price is always low and buying means higher price for bitcoin. As per observation of the bitcoin trend, I observed that it started from around Php9000.00 and it's consistently going up, as of writing this article, it is now roughly around Php30,000. Although there are some website showing the trend like in coindesk. But we cannot exactly tell what are the fundamentals in price increase of the bitcoin, compared to stocks where you can study the company's fundamental to predict its behavior.

There are also some gamers, who gain small amount of bitcoin by playing mobile games. You can check this link, they have a list of apps you can choose from. Also bitcoins now is being used to pay online services like making website, mobile development. And oh, it includes gambling as well (devil laugh *wink*).

Coins.ph is accepting external bitcoin payment as well, all you have to do is provide you wallet address and pretty much, it will be received in the form of bitcoin, not yet being converted to peso. You have to manually convert it inside you coins.ph account. You can also add money to your account if you want to play with bitcoin trend.

There you go. So if you wanna try using bitcoins and easily convert it to peso or vice versa. You can use coins.ph.