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Mary Kay free makeover

Mary Kay is in the move. I've got a
chance to visit their boot located inside our office.

Courtesy of Mary Kay, our employee was able to have a short hour pamper for facial pampering :)

The white thingy that you see at the right is their firming mask, as they say no happy moments when you do this else the lines will be firmed instead of flawless face :) No laughing or smiling when you apply this to your face.

 After cleaning and firming mask, they are offering free makeover, quickie free make up.

Ms. Cherry of Mary Kay gladly assist me on getting this effect on my eyes. Smokey eyes she said, combination of black and dark purple, which I thought was an impossible combination. Cause I usually use brown instead of purple. But successfully she made it effortless.

Getting a look as if I have contact lenses. But no contact lens at all.

Mary Kay also showcase their products and what are essential kits for having a clean and healthy skin.

Different shades of makeups are available for orders.

Starting from their BB creams, concealer, eye shadows, moisturizer, liquid foundation, lipsticks, and etc.

For orders you can contact Ms. Jacky Lyn Llona
Her contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks Mary Kay!

Chocolate flavored pancake

Chocolate flavored pancake, surely a hit!

Fluffy chocolate flavored pancake
I was free this weekend so I decided to make something new for the kids. With a little experimentation I was able to make a chocolate pancake. The kids enjoyed the pancake that they didn't left something for me (*wink*). That's fine though.

Here are the ingredients:
  1. All purpose flour
  2. Butter
  3. Baking Powder
  4. Salt
  5. Milk (1 small can) - I've use evaporated milk. 
  6. Chocolate powder - for the purpose of experimentation, I've used Goya Instant powdered chocolate (Double chocolate with Cinnamon flavor).
  7. 1 egg
Pardon for not putting the quantity. I usually cooked with the power of estimation. You can use your regular pancake proportion for the flour and milk.

Goya Chocolate for additional flavor