Iodine free diet challenge for thyroid cancer patient

Iodine is normally needed by our thyroid to perform normally to produce thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones also contributes a large factor to our digestive system and other parts of the body. For a cancer patient, usually thyroid hormones are being controlled to a low level, this is to prevent the cancer from recurring, and Iodine plays a great role here. Usually cancer patient has low iodine diet.

The challenge here is before the body scan of a thyroid cancer patient and before the RAI (Radioactive Iodine) therapy. In preparation for my father's RAI and body scan (checking the levels of cancer on the body), his nuclear doctor advised to stop taking the thyrax medicine and an  iodine free diet for iodine and calcium as well.

Iodine and calcium should not be present to foods. That means no dairy products like cheese, milk, egg, and etc. He stops the intake of Prosure and Sustagen Premium which is the hardest part since he needs to have more calorie intake.

So all of his food diet, instead of adding salt, we added sugar instead. Luckily he is not diabetic so we can do that for him to eat those tasteless meals. He will have to do this in one month before the RAI so that the results will be accurate on body scan according to his doctor.

I'm hoping for the best...

Note: Please consult your doctor. The information here about Iodine free diet is for specific person, and your doctor might give you additional instructions.

Get your recipe here: Low Iodine Diet for Cancer Patient

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